Gary Reeder
got an e-mail asking about our second civil war
Sunday, August 11, 2019, 14:56

One of you posted some things an old lady had from the civil war. I asked whether it was the original civil war or the current one.

Political and negative post is next...go get a beer and skip it if you are living in a dream world...

Make no mistake, America is under attack. Not an attack with guns and bombs but a more subtle and more dangerous one. Look at all the recent shootings and all the gun control stuff. That is all part of it. I would imagine we can expect more shootings and more innocent folks to be killed in this "civil war". They will continue and the pressure on Trump will continue until he is forced to do something about gun control. This will turn his base voters against him as most conservatives are gun people. They will get so ticked off at Trump that they will refuse to vote in 2020. Refusing to vote will give the election to one of the liberal democrats. When that happens America is doomed.

We have already seen what the liberal democrat presidential candidates promise to do if elected. If they do that, the America we love is history. Most of the candidates promise to turn this country into a socialist country. If they do that America is doomed. If any of the liberal candidates get in office by presidential decree they will ban the sale of guns, then shortly after that they will turn to confiscation. Gun people will not roll over and give up. They will fight back. That will be the true start of our second civil war and that will be the end of America as we know it.

Donald Trump is our only hope, at least for another 4 years. If we ever get a liberal president, then all the above will come to be. There are some things I don't care of about Trump. But even if he is crude, crass, and a bit egotistical, that is OK. I can surely live with that. The main thing about Trump is he is a decent Christian man and is not bought as some seem to think.Right now and after the election in 2020 we will need someone like that.

We often talk about stocking up on guns and ammo. That is good. I do too. But if we lose the election in 2020 they will legislate us to death. Our only hope is to keep a majority in the House and Senate and keep Trump in for another 4 years.

So I expect more and more shootings to happen, and no I don't think they will be a coincidence. And I imagine due to public pressure, even from other Republicans, Trump may be forced to sign some gun control laws. I don't expect him to go overboard on this but I expect we will see some small gun control laws to be passed. Our main thing, thru all this, is to stand behind Trump, no matter what. We simply cannot stand back and not vote because Trump signed a bill that we don't agree with and let a liberal president lead this country. If we get a liberal president in office, America is doomed.

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