John W
After power painting the house and
Saturday, August 10, 2019, 21:14

Mom's wheelchair ramp I had to return the power painter to a family owned hardware store. ( I am trying to avoid the big box places if I can)

After that I went to a new to me gun shop. The place has some Sellier and Bellot 10mm ammo for sale. As a rule SB has worked well in all my firearms.

Well the exception is my 10mm Ruger. It seems that my Ruger 10mm likes the good stuff and genuine Ruger magazines. I would get failure to go into battery too often. Also with the aftermarket magazine the slide would not stay open. The gun is flawless with Remington , Hornady and Underwood. The cheaper stuff, not so much. Hopefully this fall I will get underway and reload for the 10mm.

I never thought I would really love the Ruger 1911 but it has grown in fondness on me.

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