450GNR reloading dilemma....
Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 20:41

First, prepped and sized a bunch of cases and found that they won’t fit in my tried and trusted LEE auto prime! Shell holder is good but the opening on the primer tool is just a tad to narrow! Nothing a machine file won’t fix!
2nd, was all ready to start loading up some 300 grain Hornady HP’s so since I couldn’t, I started researching Commifornia lead free crap and all I have available is 250grain Hornady and Barnes. Both have much more bearing surface than the Hornady 300, am I safe to assume that I need to start at a lower powder charge when using H4198 or H322? And of course the image is sideways but the Lead free crap is to the Larry of the normal bullet!

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