A few weeks ago I asked about an Interarms
Monday, June 10, 2019, 11:11

Virginia Dragoon 44Mag SA at a LGS priced @ $250.00 out the door:

7.5" barrel, about 95% on the finish, appeared to be little if any use based no evidence of being shot, anywhere. No powder residue, etc. Bore is perfect. Made in 1974, according to the paperwork. Shot it at the range with some handloads and was impressed. The action, lockup and fit is better than most except for Freedon Arms.

Grouped 5 shots at just a hair over 1" @ 25yds. off of a rest.

Replaced the bolt/trigger spring with a Heinie aftermarket wire spring. Action is like butter and trigger pull is a bit under 12 ozs.

Will use this as a LBT/Titegroup plinker/hunter.

Only down side is the recessed chambers, not my favorite. But with the 4-click hammer and super smooth action and bargain price, no complaints.

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