Gary Reeder
That is not unusual at all and normally it is the ammo.
Sunday, June 09, 2019, 17:41

Rimfire ammo is loaded on massive machines and with thousands loaded per hour there are going to be some bulged cases, under powered loads, over powered loads (these are rare) and so on. One company that I know of, runs thousands per hour on conveyor belts and anything that falls on the floor is scooped up and sold in bulk in those milk carton type packages. They are normally only sold in discount houses like Walmart and such. There is seldom any problem with them but due to liability they don't sell them as first quality. Also in rimfire ammo the black soft lead nose ammo which is usually the cheapest is the worst thing you can put in your gun. The lead nose is soft lead and ends up gumming up the whole works. In rimfire ammo you get what you pay for. Always try to get the brass or copper nose ammo like Remington's Yellow Jacket, CCI's Stinger or Mini Mag and so on. It costs a bit more but your gun will thank you for it.

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