Gary Reeder
after Al left I got to thinking about the times we had
Saturday, June 08, 2019, 21:16

at the Celebrity Handgun Hunt at the Y.O. Ranch.I was there either 14 or 15 years and met a lot of great folks. John Taffin and I sat over in a corner and talked guns. Neither of us partook of the open bar nor did we play poker so we just talked guns. I met Bob Baker of Freedom Arms for the first time there, along with Peter Pi of Cor Bon, Ken Jorgensen, then of S&W, J.D. Jones of SSK, The owner of Magnum Research (I am ashamed I can't remember his name)and a lot more that I can't think of right now.

Taz Ridley, who pretty much ran the hunt was so overloaded he needed some help. I offered to invite some new folks as all the old guys just used the open bar and played poker and never bid on any of the guns up for auction. The hunt was for the needy at Christmas and there was a big problem raising money. Taz jumped on the offer and I invited probably 30 guys from this forum and most came to the hunt for several years before it finally was dropped due to new ownership at the Y.O.. It was an invitation only hunt and I always felt privileged to be invited to the hunt.

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