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the latest update from Charlie Herf on his daughter
Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 12:04

Allison's fight with cancer.

Allison update as of 5-14-2019. Yesterday was truly a 'shit show ' of surprises, we arrived at the Jacob Center and ALLIE was in her pre=op bed and the LONG wait began... after wandering the halls to find one of her nurses several times to determine what was slowing done her "usual' medication prep, FINALLY , her surgeon arrived from a previous surgery and told us the "new" news, that "yes" the PT scan did show something that "lit up' and it was in the liver lymph node area... Did Allie want to bring in the liver surgeon and do both procedures or wait ??? are you kidding me ??? definitely, do both now..Allie was adamant and we agreed and , then, did her Drs., i'm sure they knew MUCH more as to how more involved this surgery would be, but, they were happy she wanted to tackle it right now.. Dr. Clary, the liver specialist came right over and explained what he would be doing as did her surgeon who would be doing the re-connect of her, 6 hours later she was out of surgery... Oh i forgot to mention, while both surgeons were discussing the operations they would be doing, Allie's Vet called on her cell to tell her that the fecal sample Allie had brought in to be tested this past Monday, was POSITIVE for Giardia for both Vedder and her rescue, Finny and that they needed to have meds immediately and that i needed to wash EVERYTHING they had laid on and all their eating and drinking bowls... SO, after hearing Drs' plans for ALLIE , we drove back to Allie's, I stayed home with Madison and Vedder while Patti took Finny to the Vet to be boarded and get the mediciness to start Vedder on right away.. Needless to say with the traffic in San Diego, it was a delightful surprise to have to deal with... Finny is at the Vet's and ved is here with us and this a.m. i drove back to the Vet with a fecal sample of Madison's, hoping she has not been, with Allie gone from the house here and their schedules all changed, both dogs jumped in bed with us in the middle of the night and did not move until 7;30a.m. Patti and i will drive up to Allie shortly, she is still in I.C.U., not sure when she'll get a regular room, please keep her in your prayers, this will be another long recovery, her liver surgeon used the same incision he had done previously when he did the removal of the cancerous liver, so, she will be recovery from that for quite some time as well as learning to navigate her life without the ostomey bag... It will take time....Again, for anyone wanting to send cards of enouragement her address is 3429 Ray Street, San Diego, 92104, Not sure of date we will be able to bring her home.
THANK YOU for ALL of your support !!!

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