A while back I was looking for a Rossi 62 pump
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 12:42

A copy of the Winchester gallery pump .22 with a hammer like they used to have at County Fair and such. After lots of looking I actually found a REAL Winchester M62A for about the same money as the Rossi's were bringing. I got lucky, Blessed really, and I was/am delighted. The Winchester has some pitting on the outside due to case storage, which ruined it collectors value, but did not hurt it's shooting at all. I was delighted.

We have a Browning BL22 grade II that is modern in design but all steel and walnut. They are often overlooked. The wife ad kids love it. Lots of great deals out there and the search is half the fun.

I'd never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings over their favorite guns. The Henry's I've shot did well. The mechanical construction is basically a stintered metal shroud over the inner-workings. I think Erma and Ithica had the basic design imported from Germany back in the 70's (Model 72?). I do really admire the guy that owns Henry, seems legit to me and is very Patriotic. They stand behind their products. Benjamin was given one as
a gift, it feeds and shoots well. Also a rubber o-ring holds the mag tubes in place largely. That won't last too long so get a couple extra Henry lovers. Enjoy your piece, run what you brung.

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