Reeder Stainless Luger?
Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 07:04

I forget the story, was hoping for a refresher or other tid-bits. The restatement might help the future collecting too. I know there were some out there, maybe 100? I think Bill Firman has a highly engraved one. I am reminded of how many folks are intrigued by the firearm. Most link the 9mm X 19 cartridge with it but I think almost as many were made in .30 Luger for the military and civilian use. Perhaps more P-38's were produced than Lugers, I believe they were only in 9mm, save some rare oddity.

My son remarked "Dad this Luger thing is the best spontaneous purchase you've made since the Ducati". That is evidence of great excitement for him. A couple other shooting buddies are really excited about getting to lay fingerprints and pop a cap or three when the DWM arrives. Things are so much sweeter when you have friends to share in the fun and excitement. I see many future photos of friends with toggle arched, and brass in mid-flight.

I have had my feelers out for a long time. Gary ran a batch of stainless steel Lugers through several years ago. Collectors of such German pieces would pinch their nose and run away, but not real shooters! I wanted one to experience the design and actually shoot. The stainless and modern construction would greatly add to my desires, not wanting to rough up an antique collectors piece. But the Stainless Lugers, while generally less expensive than Military issue, did not seem to catch on with the shooters in large and the project was dropped.

I think they are a little picky with ammo (a well understood design trait) and except for a mechanical curiosity with cool factor, they loose their fun with some after a while. Still a very desirable footnote in firearm design and collecting for one's personal stash. They are bound to increase in value with time. Boy to have a 6" Stainless shooter like this one! Or perhaps a 8" Stainless Artillery! I have to stop.

From THE man himself;

"Another series of 100 guns was our stainless Luger in 9mm. I can't find the pic of the prototype but here is one of them. They were built from the ground up and the customer was able to pick the serial number. The prototype was serial number "GNR-1"...Like an idiot I was talked into selling it. The old fellow that bought it was the brother of Ed Sullivan, that some of you that are older than dirt will remember from early TV. I was at a custom show in Dallas and he kept coming to my table asking me to sell it to him. The old guy was probably in his 80s and like a dumb ass I felt sorry for him and sold it to him.

Most of the series were full engraved. This one is about 50% engraved, high polished stainless."


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