Agree, lock time and inherent accuracy are apples/oranges
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 10:36

I've pondered this some myself. There are lots of things going on here too. It's more (to my thinking) the relationship to how it effects the specific platform's shootability. I note my tendency to group Glocks to the left of POA. You can't get a much faster lock time than a Glock! It's half cocked to begin and the trigger take up finishes it. When it breaks over I "flinch" a touch to the left before it fires. (at least I tend to do it consistently) The very light weapon moves more than a heavier one for my minute pull to that side.

A SA of most any configuration, even a single-six, is comparatively heavier than my light Glock. Any input I add to a flinch is effected less by the resisting increased mass. SA and DA designs are fairly close in mass so the lock time of each, which is within a nano-second of each other, does not make much difference. As you point out.

Other factors such as grip influences, balance, sight radius etc. are other control variables too wide to scientifically measure. Try to compare the lock time influences between my little Kahr .380, a Pocket Positive Colt .32 DA, maybe throw in a Bearcat for fun. I think the smaller guns, sight radius, less ability to hold and shoot accurately, etc. would magnify the differences. It numbs the mind to try and control all the variables and speculate on the differences.

I don't think we can ever satisfy anyone who wants to argue in the first place. The argument will likely continue onward but I really like your article and agree. Thanks for sharing on a rainy old Saturday.

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