Nicely done. Lots of common sense, often lacking. Since
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 09:19

"retiring" my shooting time has easily tripled, and even though it's a "diminishing skill" with age, etc., all the extra practice I'm getting has increased my follow through, consistant grip, and thinking about what I'm shooting first before loading...

Whether my GNR SA Customs, semi-autos, single-shot carbines, etc., my POA/POI has improved wonderfully. Of course that is a matter of perspective, mainly my shooting competence before retiring ;)

The USMC taught B-R-A-S-S (breath-relax-aim-stop-squeeze), which has proved very helpful over the years. But with all the variables, follow through with your sight picture during recoil is my highest priority. That's when I hit what I'm aiming.

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