Gary Reeder
it is funny how men react to age. When we are young we tend
Thursday, March 14, 2019, 14:22

to stretch our age. If we are 6 we say we are almost 7. When we get to 19 or 20 we never mention 20. We say almost 21. when we hit 38 we never say almost 40. We tend to say "early 30s". When we hit late 40s, we NEVER say almost 50. We say mid 40s. When we get well over 50, nearly 60, all of a sudden we tend to sort of brag that we have reached an age that we never thought of reaching and say almost 60. When we get into our 70s we usually forget how old we are and ask our wife or we just add a year or two to the last age we remember. I am 73 but catch myself saying almost 74. All of a sudden we have reached a pinnacle and tend to want to brag about it. For the sake of my health I won't go into how women handle age.

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