Gary Reeder
Marlin advertised it at the SHOT show a few years back and
Thursday, March 14, 2019, 11:21

took a lot of orders without conferring with their gunsmiths. They then found out it couldn't be done on the existing frames. The 1895 frame is set to lever up a 2.1" case and bobbles the short linebaugh case, sometimes throwing a live round out the ejection port. The 1894 is too slim and won't allow the larger rim to go thru the front part of the action and the mag tune is way too small. Lots of problems there. So they ended up giving a lot of deposits back.

They more recently said the 500 S&W couldn't be chambered in the 1895 due to the same problems but we found a way to get around that and it works fine in our Master Hunter.

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