Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 16:25

When Gary was in Sarasota, he rechambered a Dan Wesson 41 mag to 41GNR and after completing the fire forming loads I loaded up some of the 170gr Sierra JHP's and stopped at an indoor range in Palmetto Florida as I was friends with the owner and he thought I was crazy since I loved shooting big guns namely a Desert Eagle in 44 mag with full power 250gr loads (HUGE FIREBALL every shot..) so on this day he asked if I had the DE and I told him I had something better, as there was someone
That thought he was a speed shooter with his 45acp (looking at his target it looked like a shotgun shot it and it was only 10-12 feet down range.) So the owner set me up in the next lane to the guy and said if I could get him to leave he would cover the range fees that day. So I proceeded to load up the 41GNR with the 6" barrel installed fired a round when the guy started shooting and he shot the target hanger. He replaced it and on the next round of shooting I finished the other 5 rounds and noticed the speed demon was gone, he didn't even say goodbye to either me or the owner.

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