Gary Reeder
the JM is a total crock. When the Freedom Group
Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 14:43

bought out Marlin the equipment was totally worn out and the gunsmiths at Marlin had to afro engineer the equipment to get the guns right. The new people moved all the equipment to the new buildings and with new gunsmiths running the equipment the guns didn't come out right. There were a lot of small problems, nothing drastic but enough to say they aren't right. So the head people did the right thing and shut down the plant for about 6 months, got all new equipment in there and started putting excellent guns out the door. In the meantime a bunch of know it alls started the JM thing saying only the JM guns were good ones. The JM is a proof mark and has been on Marlins forever.

The actual truth was the Marlins at the end of the original owners were not great guns. They were loose and the metal to wood fit wasn't up to specs. But the so called experts painted them as being perfect in every way.

The new guns after they opened back up a few years back are much better than the older guns. Built tighter, better steels, better internals and so on. Yet the "experts" still tout the old guns saying that the new guns without the JM proof mark are junk. We have built probably 25 custom guns on the new 1895s and they are as close to being perfect as any I have seen. But yet the morons push any JM gun as the best and they garner a higher price, which is not warranted.

My humble opinion is pay no attention to the "experts" and their claim that the JM guns are the best. If you see a Marlin rifle, with or without the JM proof mark and it feels good to you, buy it. Maybe eventually the "experts" will go back to being used car salesmen.

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