Larry Fry
I will be 75 in July and still get out and
Monday, February 11, 2019, 17:29

go hunting when I don't have to care for the wife. She has had her knee replaced now and is starting to walk around with a cane and sometimes without it. I guess I will miss this season but expect to be at the HHC in October God willing. I will go fishing this spring though, the Bass ought to be on the beds soon and catching a big one is a lot of fun especially when with Son and grandsons. Even a small shell cracker is fun with the kids along! Getting old sucks because we have to be more careful not to injure ourselves because it takes so long to heal that we can miss out on things we want to do. If if hurts, work around it, if it doesn't, what season is it??? There is always something to do.

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