That looks nice, I used to like the S&W M3914
Monday, February 11, 2019, 12:57

Thanks for the picture! That looks lots smaller and no fiddly buttons or levers to get confused about. if they could add just a few more rounds in some new fangled compact DS mag.... SIG got it done, lets see what competition brings in the future.

The M19 is hard to beat, with over 50% more rounds for the extra fatness? I'm really pressed between a 6-7 shot pocket pistol and a full size carry like the M19 (15-shot). These "perfect" size guns are a lure for sure. With a M19 you don't need an extra mag for your extra bulk. Factor in a smaller gun AND an extra mag to get the firepower peace of mind back up and where are we?

I'm going to have to go give them another look. Firmly perched on the fence I am.

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