The Grammy Awards post below has roused my ire
Monday, February 11, 2019, 07:27

My son Mark has been out of the nest since 2004, while I tolerated some TV when he was young, now we watch movies that truly entertain us, mostly westerns, some drama, etc. mixed in.

I very rarely even check the news, let alone get involved with "social media". It's invasive and highly irritating subjecting myself in people's mental and opinionated BS.

Since relocating to FL, have found many friends who share this same mindset. Shooters/hunters/gun folks who enjoy what is real. Eat good food, share memories, favorite handloads, trade firearms, all the good stuff in this short life.

Call me what they will, I care less. Be nice or go away and I'll do the my mission statement.

What I call "The Misfit Way of Life".

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