Gary Reeder
Tim, that would entail a several million dollar
Friday, January 11, 2019, 22:31

investment and take several years. First the design work would cost mega bucks as it would have to be totally different in every way from the Encore and Contender/G-2 to stay away from the patents. Then the unit we came up with wouldn't fit any of the current barrels, again to stay away from patent infringement. As a for instance, when I had the molds made to case our own gripframes and frames, I had 6 of them done and they cost me $11,000 each and that was just for the molds. That doesn't count the actual casting of the frame or the CNC work before it even comes to me. The casting and CNC work wound up being almost $150 per frame and I have to have at least 100 cast at a time. So making your own parts is very expensive.
Just the patent lawyer who checked every piece of the unit to make sure it was totally different from the current TC parts would cost me well over a million dollars. And not one single part could be like one in a TC. So it would be extremely expensive and probably take 5 years to see the first one finished.

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