Honest opinion? For the first time in almost 30
Friday, January 11, 2019, 18:19

years I am without a 357 magnum. I just sold a couple guns and want a model 27, a definite keeper. Range (and maybe bowling pin) gun, so I'm jonesin for the 8 3/8 barrel. Thoughts on price and model? Am leaning toward a -2 or pre model, but there are some nice 3's and 5's out there. I think the counter bored versions are more desireable, but I realize the noncounterbored versions have their own merits. . .Looks like I'm gonna spend between $900 and $1100 for a really nice one? Plus there's a guy in town with a NICE 25-2 for $925, but my 625's treating me pretty good and I am without a 357. . .

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