It is true, for the next generation that will run the world
Friday, January 11, 2019, 08:12

and make new laws and policy for all. That is the real scary issue, the bible warns of not teaching youth history and wisdom. Then a point is reached where they must relearn by negative experience. A cycle that repeats.

A little boy from church visited us and to keep the boys occupied I took them shooting a .22 rifle. They had a ball. Then the little boy informed me that he'd NEVER fired a gun before, a BB gun once! I felt I'd breached some barrier and was a little concerned I'd robbed his father of a memorable experience. Next was down to the pond and they did some fishing. The little boy caught a Large-mouth Bass of about a pound. Pretty little fish. I took his beaming picture with his well earned prize before we released it back in. He told me it was the first fish he had ever caught! Cripes, first shot from a "real" gun and first fish! IN ONE DAY. I really worried about the father's lost opportunity, Him being pissed at me. Then I got kind of mad and defensive about it. This kid was 10-11 yrs. old and NOBODY in his family, Dad, Grandpa, Uncles had ever took him shooting or fishing. Here in one day at our place he did both. They had the chance and lost it. At least the family have photos of the experiences. There were many other things too. Interaction with a horse (never walk behind one, or touch their flanks - know why?), a surly Goose, chickens, cats... My kids live it every day and are used to it. Made me realize I've not done too bad a job so far. I can't live their life, they will make stupid mistakes, I did and still do. But my bunch have been exposed to many things that are not so common anymore and have a unique perspective, a value and understanding of life. There is no "reset" button in real life, no "cheat codes".

I do not think this trend of society is an accident or simple product of capitalism. There are two forces in this world, good and evil, no true middle ground. Escapism is a very bad trend that is invading almost all homes and lives. There is not really that much difference in it or drug addiction, one is physically harmful the other mentally, which eventually effects the former. We have a responsibility to expose as many as we can to the truth, the good in this world in preparation for the next.

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