The Mystery LEE bullet mould...
Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 20:57

Not everyone casts so I tried to pick some of the moulds, with consideration to a couple guys like me, didn't want to cherry pick what they had their eye on. Looking out for you Randy, Gerald.

One was a LEE double cavity older mould. Someone a long time ago had left it full of lead and as such with a locked sprue plate. You could not open it, and LEE moulds don't have identifying numbers on them. None that mean anything to me anyway. I ended up with it and was delighted with my "pig in a poke" mystery. Today I melted it open. She is a 400 gr. FPPB .475. Just right for the .476 GNR and Trail Boss hunting loads. At close to 1200 fps from the Encore it about equals a .475 LB revolver and is very low pressure. What would that bounce off and not leave a mark? I save almost a nickel every shot by not having to use a gas check too.

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