Anyone have a threaded barrel suppressed .22 pistol?
Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 11:38

I was looking at them. There are several options. The Ruger of course, and it looks good. But there are several options. I guess you need to look over the suppressor with sights or a red dot.

I have an old MK I chassis and a Beretta M9 (Beretta markets a UMAREX made version, same as S&W M&P and PPK). Most late top units don't fit my old Ruger and the M9-.22 might be fun but they market a special version with greatly exaggerated "fixed" sights for suppressor use.

Does impact shift with suppressor attachment? That would validate choosing adjustable sights or a picatinny rail. Then you need to think of using the gun without the black weenie hanging off the end. Not cheap they run $400-500.

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