Gary Reeder
charlie Herf's latest update on Allison's fight with cancer.
Tuesday, October 09, 2018, 16:11

,This is the most recent information on Allison as the last few weeks with the infection drain and pump have yielded no positive news. Her spirits remain high and we look forward to turning the next corner in this battle. Allie met with her surgeon today and they have decided to continue the drain of the abscess, as uncomfortable and painful as it is, as long as her palliative care team keeps her meds on track so that her pain level is a 5 and not an 8 or 9... then, in 2-3 weeks, the drain will be removed and, hopefully, the infection GONE !!! after increased potassium pills last week and daily increased Gatorade, Allie's potassium is on the "positive" side, no more danger re. that now...without any
"unexpected" issues, it looks as though Allie's next big surgery will be in early January.. that will be to remove the ileostomy and do whatever sectioning of her liver is necessary..

Her last Pet scan did still show "activity" on the liver, fortunately,the liver can re-new itself in time...Allie is still experiencing the annoyance of erratic sleep at night due to "night sweats" and the pain of the drain, but, does her very best to nap during the day, one would never guess the horrendous ordeal these past 11 months have been, she is s TRUE TROOPER !!! she is SO APPRECIATIVE OF ALL OF THE SUPPORT FROM ALL OF YOU !!! YOUR DONATIONS TO HER GOFUNDME ALLISON HERF link on Google, the personal checks to her have been a huge help with so many unexpected costs as well as daily living expenses., some of you have asked for Allie's home address again, so here it is, Allison Herf 3429 Ray Street, San Diego, Ca. 02104.. PLEASE do continue to remember her in your prayers... we hope that the goal posts are in sight and we hope they are not moved again, due to unexpected infections, etc.etc., Allie has been so courageous and is giving it her ALL to WIN !!! SHE NEEDS TIME TO REST, REBUILD HER BODY AND MIND, and, hopefully, in the Spring, start to make plans for a life of work and friends and family and not just one Dr. APPT after another, this is what we are praying for each day and we hope you will continue to do so as well !!! we love you all for your loving and generous support for Allison !!! much love to ALL of you.


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