We are all getting older! Everyone has their
Monday, October 08, 2018, 08:39

last chance to go to a HHC. All of us are aging and have health issues. It was nice to see several younger folks coming and a bit of passing of the torch. My son too. He has made a transition from phone gaming to picking out his Reeder Customs and features he prefers! He's transitioned from watching to being one of the first out to try guns on the range.

The other kids are just a year or three behind him. Sometimes we have a dim outlook but there is hope. We are likely not as important as we think we are, in many ways. Life moves on, it has to. Alan Wilson's kids (the girls) are even taking the reigns on many aspects at HHC. It's slowly happening everywhere.

Make your plans, pick your Reeder Custom while things are rosy.

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