Doug bought a .454 Taurus Raging Bull
Friday, September 14, 2018, 09:10

it was a fat hefty gun, but well made and likeable. It shot three shots into a nice triangle at 30 yds. Then it got to where we could not hit the paper! Bore snake and a repeat. Finally in bright light we could see a "doughnut" in the bore just ahead of the forcing cone or throat of the barrel. It was just in front of the barrel threads/frame interface. You could not really see it but "feel" the slight flaring of the barrel if you knew where to hunt.

We figured someone tried a very lightly constructed .45 jacketed bullet and on the more rough Taurus (compared to FA anything) throating it shot the "center out of the jacket", and a second round behind, pushed it out bulging the tube. Shooting jacketed it probably performed well until fouling messed it up. We were shooting .45 Colt cast loads and it took 3 shots to foul it then the bore snake reset.

The 3 day inspection was in play, even thought we shot it the guy took it back. Not sure what Taurus warranty service would have thought of it but we passed the problem to the other owner. .454 needs a thicker jacket than .45 Colt 25K loads! I'm all in for sturdy cast in all applications.

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