Gary Reeder
my earlier life was pretty dull compared to these guys
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 16:01

I got into radio when I was 17, right out of high school. I stayed in radio as a rock DJ for 22 years before retiring in '85. Along the way, I played drums for a bit. I did a little stock car racing on a dirt track in Paducah Ky. In '78 while still in radio in Nashville, I started a gun shop with a partner. I was Ops manager of the station and the owner bought a new station on an island off Sarasota Florida, and wanted me to go down there and run it for him, so I left the gun shop and moved to Florida. While working at the radio station off Sarasota, I started a little shop in my garage in '81 and started building custom XP-100s and Contender barrels and a few 1911s. In '85 after a lot of partying and rock concerts and after concert parties, I retired from radio and moved to Santa Fe and opened a new shop building guns full time. Both my parents lived in Florida and were in ill health so in '87 I moved the shop back to Florida to be with them. Both of them passed away and I wanted to be back in the mountains so in '94 I moved my shop to Flagstaff and have been here for 24 years.

In my younger years I was an Army brat and lived for many years in Italy, Austria and Germany so moving a lot came second nature to me.

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