I was a White Water river guide and trainer
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 09:58

For 10 years on the Ocoee river in Tennessee, and the Nantahala river in North Caroline. Hold sever records on the Nantahala for Weser Falls. Some probably broken now. Worked for High Country outfitters. Was the first and I thing still only company to commercial run it. At the time was a class 6 rapid. It was later down graded to a class 5 after we ran it for two years. I have the most runs over it, guided the most people over it. Have the most runs over it in a kayak (C1). And was credited with the success in it being down graded from a class 6 to a class 5. I also helped pioneer the routes on the upper Ocoee for commercial rafting witch opened after the park service developed it for the summer Olympics. Have run that river at flood stage at 9000 cfs. The river is closed at 10000 cfs because it covers the hwy in places along side of it. Have so many stories about could bore folks silly for a month. So I will stop now LOL

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