Anytime Jim asks a question I brace myself, but
Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 06:52

this seems pretty benign. I really enjoy teaching kids about water science. My moniker "Waterboy" was long before that goofy movie but I guess the parallels are not an accident. I am active locally, in the state, regionally, and actually some nationally with the American Water Works Association in promoting the advancement of water resource preservation and efficiency. It's not as glamorous as giving a Musk Ox an enema at the arctic circle but I've not lived a very exciting life. Over the last 34 yrs. I have had the opportunity to address and or give tours to thousands of young people. Occasionally a young 30 something will recognize me and ask if I'm "that water guy", remembering when their school toured the water plant.

Oct. 2 (just before HHC 2018)I am slated to be the "star" at the local middle school "Science Fair". Big screen Power point, interjected with visual aids, (3) 20min. spots, for the 4th,5th, 6th grades. I have the opportunity to teach 900 kids where their water comes from and what it takes to make it safe to drink, how important it is. I pray they leave that day smarter than most people, including their parents whom I hope they tell all about it. It's no glory for myself, just a humbling chance I have to instill a memory in these little kids who will be tomorrow's citizens. While I cannot preach Christ to these children I can reinforce the fact water was made just once. It's the same water our ancestors drank. Where it's tied up in the water cycle is what we are allowed to manage as a life-giving resource. I sure don't want to screw it up.


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