Gary Reeder
we have been extremely lucky with our custom Marlins
Thursday, August 09, 2018, 14:58

they have all worked very well. In the beginning we had our 30 GNR and 7 GNR and then the 475 GNR Buffalo Hunter that John Taffin did a great article on. Then later the 50 Alaskan on the 1895 and about the same time the 450 GNR, 375 GNR#2 and the 416 GNR in the African Classic. A while later the 41 GNR, and the 410 GNR came out on the 1892, then the 429 GNR also on the 1892.Then the 355 GNR, 400 GNR and the 256 Falcon all on the 336, and now the 500 S&W. And all of these have worked perfectly with no problems. So yes, we have been extremely lucky.

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