I remember something of that but it was sort of pointless
Thursday, August 09, 2018, 14:03

back then in bolt guns with the .257 Roberts likely being superior on the 7X57 case. Ditto the old argument .243 vs 6mm Rem. I like Gary's approach on the .257 AR10, as the .257 Roberts won't fit as well. The day after the .221 Fireball came out it was immediately necked to everything from .14 to .375. JD was innovative in adapting it to the AR platform and subsonic bolt gun applications. He did get screwed on not spending the bucks to get it SAAMI standardized and let those other boys beat him in reworking it into the .300 AAC.

If you want a light recoiling, long range, AR10 that .25 cal. is interesting. I've not seen anyone adapt the case and caliber to a semi-auto platform like this. The 9.3mm version is very cool for a thumper, it will prove very interesting.

A man would be sorely pressed to come up with something that was not close to something done in years past. But not this specific adaptation. Sometimes we old dudes know too much when it don't count.

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