Gary Reeder
with you guys striking out horribly I thought I
Thursday, August 09, 2018, 10:54

should go ahead and post pics of the 3 cartridges we have been talking about.
left to right..257 Firecat, 500 S&W, and 366 Firecat.

The 257 Firecat is the new cartridge for the new AR-10 rifle and will also be available in the Encore. A 243 case necked up to .257.

The 500 S&W is the cartridge in the new Marlin lever action. I think Huey was the first to guess this one right but a couple of you were close behind.

The new 366 Firecat is the projected new cartridge also for the AR-10. A 308 Improved necked up to .366.

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