A clarification, it's not a racist term.
Wednesday, August 08, 2018, 15:23

Some black folks try to make EVERYTHING about them, this is not a case. The best true old South definition I can find is;

"Incessantly playing with, toying with, examining, handling an object."

It was explained to me that Raccoons like shiny objects and enjoy playing with them for extended time, enamored with them, as a new toy. Hence "Coon Fingering". I cannot fathom how some come up with making some racial angle from this. I have heard of some racial term used a "Coon" but I never figured that out either unless it has something to do with a pack of masked bandits. Raccoons have some admirable traits (along with their underhanded dealing with garbage and fowl) where as the racial implications I personally feel do not.

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