You can;t fix stupid, and I an subject to some myself...
Wednesday, August 08, 2018, 11:20

but the designers designed a "safety notch" first click into the design. It lifts the firing pin off the chamber and has a very generous shelf on the hammer. You'd have to shear off the sear as I'd not think the hammer shelf would let go under force befitting an A.D. Also I note many Remington, Colt, and other cap & ball revolver had a design feature to carry all chambers loaded with a "hammer down notch" between them that locked the cylinder safely.

Not that I condone carrying that way, it's just an observation. If you are going to be stupid, you might stack the deck in your favor. I know one Misfit that actually shot themselves due to dropping a Ruger OM, I'll not tell their story. The Lord was sure watching out for them. Of all designs the FA M97 has the most ingenious transfer bar system I've ever examined (the M83 does not have one I don't believe). FWIW

It's been a human problem for at least 150 yrs.

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