Larry Fry
Well I am back from Texas and my
Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 15:12

55th High School Reunion.... Lot of friends gone, and some I pray make it to the next reunion. I read with interest the response on the Anaconda below. I don't have any Colts in my safe period. I had a bad experience with them in the field in the 1911 version and our armorers could not fix it later on so I started carrying a Mod 870. Today I went to the PX to look at the eye candy and the dude behind the counter was a dud... I know he was a firearms expert because he was wearing a badge that said so. According to him wheel guns are going to go away because everyone wants to carry pistols with lots of bullets. My not so private opinion is that the guy is a mall ninja and would not know how many bullets one needs for hunting or for a gunfight, nor does he know the difference between AR15's. He thought the Colt AR15 was superior as well as the Daniel Defense AR15. The only thing he said I agreed with was that there were too many AR15's coming out in all these calibers the action was never intended to handle without some really superior design work and metals...... I hope the wheel guns are not going away. I have almost as many wheel guns as I have pistols. I concede that the wheel gun for the most part is harder to conceal but at least it will not stack jamb! I have a single six/ten that was also discussed below and have fired it rapid fire but never had a problem with it. Gary free wheeled it for me and I guess if there was any timing problems when he did the free wheel it fixed it.??? Kind of question for Gary..LOL. Anyway it's good to get back and I hope Jim's daughter's surgery turned out well, we are praying for her.

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