Besides a Glock, have you ever had a gun
Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 07:15

you didn't particularly "like" but it was too useful to get rid of? My little 10 oz. Kahr .380 is mine. I wanted super small, light, but needed "sights I could see", in a minimal .380 package. I also needed DA, so I didn't need to cock a hammer. I love some of the small 9's but not if I have to cock a hammer, and they are all much bigger, a different class.

My delightful 12 oz. .38 S&W M360 fills that bill nicely and I much prefer it. It's a keeper, however unpleasant to actually fire. But that teeny .380 is so flat and handy to slide in a pocket I just can't seem to dump it. Plus I can't really come out positive on the cash. I think I paid like $400 for it and it had a laser with it, which I sold for about $100. So I have $300 in it and that's about all it would bring. Not bad but not motivating either.

So I'll probably just keep it around. It's very bland too. If GNR is game I might entertain having the sides of the slide polished and maybe some engraving, just to personalize it. THAT might spruce up my interest, a lady with an Iguana...

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