6mm-06 encore?
Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 06:52

I don't know if anyone remembers but back a couple of years ago I posted about being given a 24" 6mm-06 encore barrel from T&C fox ridge custom shop. I know gary said the 240 weatherby was too much for the encore but basically the 6-06 is just a 240 without the belt and a different neck. So now I just got the latest handloader mag. And lane simpson has a review of the exact setup I have except mines 24". He lists loads that are 240 weatherby charges. Anyone got any ideas on this? Was the problem with the weatherby being the hot weatherby factory loads? Or is the small difference in neck make a difference? This barrel was made by T&C custom shop but I asked them back then and just got the we have no data. This barrel has just sit in the safe and I've been trying to find out what the deal is on safe loads (don't want to hurt my frame) but I would really like to use it. So any ideas on loads or anything would be greatly appreciated since this has been a very confusing caliber.

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