Working on Doug's Reederized Merrill .30
Monday, June 11, 2018, 18:51

It's simply the .225 Winchester (basically a rim modded .30-30, shortened) opened up to .308. We had an issue with the 5X Burris topping out on elevation and it was not enough. I decided to shim under the rear base mount which is flat. Merrills use a Marlin 336 base. I had it all calculated out but forgot and just did what seemed right, maybe 4-5 layers of an aluminum soda can.


It raised the POI 8" at 33 yds.! So I got it done. I found a note in the ammo that came with the gun that said "30.0 gr. 3031 best", not sure what bullet, need to weigh some. It has a respectable bark and is deadly accurate having a precise target trigger.

Look close and you can see it.


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