Gary Reeder
You have the right system but I would stay
Saturday, June 09, 2018, 11:19

away from Bullseye. I just don't trust that powder. Enough powder to get to the shoulder of the case would be too much. Run your brass thru the sizer die which will give you an hour glass shape. Prime it and then do the fire forming. Go with a good pistol powder, AA#7, AA#5, Blue Dot, Unique, etc. No magnum ball powder. Fill the case up to just below the shoulder, then pour that into your scale pan and measure the weight. Then set your scale to throw that weight. Once you have the powder in there, roll up a quarter of a sheet of toilet paper into a ball and tamp it down tight on top of the powder and shoot it. With this system I seldom lose more than one or two pieces of brass per hundred, sometimes not even that many. And it saves you a bullet.

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