Brent Foy
I don’t worry too much about head space unless my cases
Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 17:54

Aren’t lasting very long before they start getting a grove around the inside of the case close to the head or the cases start separating. I made a small tool to feel the inside groove and it’s pretty easy to tell how bad they are with just a little practice. I know this doesn’t measure your head space, but it can help you figure out if it’s bad enough to have a gunsmith look at it. I use it mostly to tell if my cases have been reloaded too many times. If you get a grove the first or second load you probably have a problem. Some cartridges don’t last as long as others, my 257 Raptor I get six or seven reloads before a grove starts to form, others two or three. [image]

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