I was sitting in my office yesterday at the plant
Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 20:25

and I heard a loud crash! I went into the hallway expecting someone to be laid out. No one there! I asked the boy in the lab, he pulled an ear bud (he was listening to an audio book) and said he didn't hear anything. Steve came up and said he din't hear anything. Then I saw the tile had exploded in a 10 ft. line across the hallway. Right at the line where the 1949 plant wall and newer 1967 plant was built. It was pretty dramatic. All the loonies around here blame the gas industry and fracking. I could see it doing some very localized shifting, the steam injected 5-7 miles down the well. But I think this was this past week with several 90 deg. days. The heat. Maybe it is plate tectonics.

He where is Denning's little stepdaughter? She was working in HI.


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