Factory Hornady. Probably 12-15 sessions of being chambered
Monday, April 16, 2018, 13:13

Feeding from the magazine manually does not adequately simulate actual function, which is much more forceful in aaction, and besides being a bit difficult is rough on the bullet HP noses. The SIG FMJ with a flat tip will not feed at all manually from the magazine but shoots OK. I decided not to use it. My best function and wear/tear ammo is Federal FMJ RN. Basically all .380 seems to show about 12" ballistic Gel penetration, no matter JHP or FMJ. This gun is well market proven, the feed ramp is mirror polished and seems to be well designed. It's just very tiny and all stiff. Lots smaller than Gary's .25 and weighs about half! Incredible it functions at all, to me.

The smaller and lighter the gun is (considerably smaller than a LCP Ruger) requires a steep feed angle and super stiff recoil spring. There are actually three springs inside each other! My wife cannot even work the slide. It's sort of my lazy, last ditch, for dockers w/no jacket or swimsuit carry. lol Tiny, 12 oz., flat, and has great sights.

I'm probably swapping back to my untralight snubby .38 but wanted to show this. You might not notice unless you looked close. With such a tiny micro gun (they used not to even exist - unheard of advancements) the dynamics are magnified. Trigger control, follow through, something to kick against to work the slide's locked breach, are all more intense and complex than any larger 9mm or .45 auto. At some point you seem to reach a point of diminished capability pursuing minimal small size.

I've now been there (the edge) and learned.

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