I did this with my .380 by manualy inserting
Monday, April 16, 2018, 09:47

a round into the chamber and letting the slide slap closed on the loaded round from the slide stop. The inertia hammered the bullet back into the case. Very interesting.

Feeding a round from the chamber over and over is rough on the bullet noses, to slowly lower the slide you have to whack the back of the slide to make the extractor jump over the case rim and fully close, and the slap closed method does this.

Now this does occur over several carry/chambering cycles. With the bullet seated deeper in the tiny .380 case pressures skyrocket. Not likely to the point of blowing anything but it could cause a malfunction at a very bad time for a carry piece.

Just some interesting points for consideration on the tiny mini-guns. They can have big problems, besides being so much harder to shoot accurately.


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