Gary Reeder
keep that scope on your 416. Kase used that gun in Africa 2
Saturday, April 14, 2018, 11:39

2 years and used it with a straight 4X and it did all he needed it to do. The PH will not ask you to shoot a 5 lb Dik Dik with the 416, and if he does it is because it is 20 yards from you and you need to shoot it now. My very first animal in Africa was a 15 lb Red Duiker and I shot him with the 378 GNR, mainly because that was what i had in my hand when we spotted the Duiker at 20 yards.

My recommendation is forget anything Barnes. The best 416 caliber dangerous game bullets (in my humble opinion) are the Hornady DGX, the expanding bullet at 400 grain, and the DGS the solid at 400 grains, both designed for the 416 Rigby. I used the 500 grain Hornady DGX on my Cape Buff a couple of weeks ago out of my 13" Encore and it dropped him like a rock. He stumbled back to his feet but a second DGX put him down for good. The Hornady bullets are all I would ever use for dangerous game.

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