In all my year as an auto tech I have come accrost
Saturday, April 14, 2018, 09:08

marmots, opossums, wood rats, and one pet Bowa. The snake was in the dash. Had to pull the dash to get it out. Everything else was in the engine bay. The marmot lost its tail in the fan belt at start up, and was quite vocal about the hole matter. The possum was extracted with the use of welding gloves, and was none the worse for ware. And the wood rats can be run off with the use of a air soft pistol. For mice living in cars we leave the car a few feet up in the air on the rack over night. The mice climb down at night but can’t get back into the car. Then we have traps in shop to catch the mice. The mice are the worst cause the eat the wire harness. I had one air filter box completely filled with dry dog food! The build nest in the valley under the intake on the v8’s and poop everywhere. Had a lady in Colorado call me names and tell me I was full of shit when I charged her for removing a huge wood rats nest and repair the knock sensor harness in her Land Rover. She said she had a 2 million dollar house and did not have rats. I just ask if she wanted her truck fixed or not and reminded her mice don’t care about money or social status.

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