Just got back from BEE school this evening
Monday, March 12, 2018, 20:02

It's not only remarkable what Bees do but how folks could figure it all out to the point of apparent fact. I cannot fathom a person studying the subject to any large degree and not seeing that it validates God the creator. Quite decisively through science too. Simply amazing.

It's a 9 hr. class sponsored but the University of Arkansas and done in (3) 3 hr. sessions per week. I bought some books a couple years ago but it only made me realize how little I knew and how far I needed progress to learn. To just jump in and give it a try could easily blow a couple hundred on a pair of hives of bees, not to mention about $300-$500 for materials. You (me for sure) need to plan ahead to have a secure chance.

I noted at HHC up at Alan's Sheep ranch, the high pasture above the old house ruins, there is a field across the way. It must have had a hundred hives in it! It got my attention. I may give it a whirl soon. Almost too late this season for Arkansas for a newbie, with my slow start. Not much room for error and recovery.

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