Those are antique RN-FMJ, won't kill anything anymore
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 13:56

I do have some flat tipped "Tungsten" core Speers that cost $5 or more each! I think that was the new memo sent out to all the critters. This is the new stuff that now kills ya. They must be Unionized.

In all seriousness it is "claimed" that in both testing and real world researching that even a "small" flat tip will penetrate straighter, with less chance of riveting and deflection, than a pointed, or to a lesser extent, RN projectile. Plus they just look racy so they have to be better right? Man I sure don't know, the old RN have always done we well in large rifle calibers. I do NOT like them in pistol bullets that much. They make small holes in the paper!

I have a .375/350 RNGC cast bullet that tumbles badly. Bullets in my sand drum backstop are shaped like an "L". By cutting or grinding a little flat tip like your .22 RF bullet tool those suckers fly straight as a string through the sand. I'm just saying for shooting sand that's the ticket.

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