I've read of that, thought it was mainly at the breach
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 13:15

where the threads were tightened to the frame. I've "read" about that but mine was near the muzzle, about 6" on a 7.5". It is Man-na-ported and I may have inappropriately blamed that aftermarket feature on it. I was using "pin gauges" which are a fun thing to play with. I began "fire lapping" and watched the group patterns turn into tight clusters. It happened almost instantly after my method of varied grits and testing. I think I had fired about 75 rnds total. The tight spot is still there but it shoots ragged holes now. I have used the gauges to measure how deep the gauge protrudes from the muzzle. It is getting deeper so the hole is getting more uniform, the pinch smaller.

Now it seems redundant as it shoots great. But it is natural for one to want the bore totally uniform. I can say the bore is super shiny and slicker than "Johnson's Chitlins". Super clean! I will openly admit there is something to it, I remember reading Ross Seyfried's notes on the technique. It was worth a try on a problematic piece. I'm now certain it does nothing much on one that shoots well from the start. I'd never shrill it a miracle technique but it might help a special case and was fun to toy with.

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