Now I know why action wrenches are so expensive.
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 11:47

I got an idea I'd just make me a action wrench that takes inserts for S&W, N and K frames, Ruger BH, maybe Single Six etc. Several folks make them. The wrench itself is simple, a little welding for the handle receiver threads for long or short handles.

A more simplified design than this but the same spirit.

So I get me some hi-density Nylon, 12" stick 2X2". I figure I can cut it into 6" sections, then split that, maybe split that again. Pretty good idea. I can end by milling the openings then splitting the blocks to fit around the action. But boy howdy is this stuff tough. I tried a table saw, saws-all, grinding, and finally had some sweaty success with a hand hack saw. I need a bandsaw, maybe that would do, the dremel small bandsaw would be good maybe a scroll saw. The stuff heats up to fast and melts. At slow speeds (hand saw) and fine blade teeth it seems to chip and cut OK. Man is it work though. I could have just bought the stuff for $200-300. Luckily my labor is cheap, life is an adventure.


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