Gary Reeder
great, I get to disagree with WB for a change. But I do
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 10:02

agree with John. Let the gun decide which bullet it likes. It will probably shoot a better group with one over the other.

Now to the disagreement. Forget the meplat. That is just a term a certain jailbird came up with to screw up your minds. he is not a hunter and knows diddly about a hunting bullet. If the meplat were the way to go, all dangerous game bullets would be flat nose with a wide nose and NONE of them are. Look at any 375 H&H, 458 Win Mag or 416 Rigby factory bullet. None of them have that wide flat nose. They are all pointed or round. A tapered bullet will always fly faster, straighter and flatter than a big wide nose bullet. Simply aerodynamics will prove that. How many military jets have you seen with wide flat noses? Just simple common sense.

Now WB is going to have to find something else to make him feel warm & fuzzy. And if you keep using the term boolits, JT may take a contract out on you. If he doesn't, I will. Only idiots and 3rd grade retards use the term boolits.

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